Balochistan Local Bodies Election 2013 Killa Saifullah District

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Local Government Elections 2013 Qilla Saifullah Information & Result

Detail and complete information about Local Bodies Balochistan election 2013 of Killa Saifullah District. Local government election held in Balochistan on December 7 , 2013 . Result of all Chairman and Voice Chairman of Union Council of Killa Saifullah District, General member of U/C , Women Members of UC, peasant Members   of UC . Municipal Committee Killa Saifullah General councilor of all wards .


Municipal Committee Killa Saifullah Detail Result of Local bodies election in Balochistan , the complete election result with votes detail of all candidates corporation wars and Union Council Killa Saifullah District. List of all Union Council of District Killa Saifullah .

Killa Saifullah Local Bodies Election 2013 UC Details

District Council Killa Saifullah
Municipal Committee Killa Saifullah
Municipal Committee Muslim Bagh
Union Council Saddar Killa Saifullah
Union Council Bundat Meerzai
Union Council Akhtarzai
Union Council Doulatzai
Union Council Ali Khail Kalo Qilla
Union Council Batozai
Union Council Musafer Pure
Union Council Sharan Jogezai
Union Council Badini
Union Council Tubli No.1
Union Council Tubli No.2
Union Council Saddar Muslim Bagh
Union Council Ragha Sultanzai
Union Council Kan Mehtarzai        
Union Council Sori Karez
Union Council Nasai
Union Council Kanchoghai
Union Council Kakar Khurasan
Union Council Murgha Faqirzai
Union Council Koz Kach