PK-76 Peshawar Candidate List Election 2018

Election 2018 All Candidate Names PK 76 Peshawar

Complete list of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly MPA seat candidates from PK-76 Peshawar in general election 2018 of Pakistan. Pakistan general election 2018 will held on July 25, 2018. The names of all contestant candidate of KPK Assembly seat P.K 76 Peshawar in general election 2018. Name of P.T.I ticket holder is Asif Khan, Name of PML-N ticket holder is Muhammad Nadeem, Name of PPP ticket holder is Zia Ullah Afridi, Name of MMA ticket holder is Bahr Ullah S/O Sheikh Abdullah, Name of QWP ticket holder is Amjid Ali, Name of ANP ticket holder is Hidayat Ullah Khan, Name of independents and all ticket holder candidates are Asif Iqbal, Asif Jan, Arshad Khan, Aurengzeb Khan, Bah Rullah S/O Zaheer Ullah, Hayat Ullah Khan, Alamzeb, Ali Muhammad, Fida Muhammad, Gul Muhammad, Muhammad Zakir Shah. Name of all candidates who submitted nomination paper for KPK Provincial Assembly M.P.A seat from PK-76 District Peshawar in General election 2018. Complete final list of all candidates from PK-76 Peshawar for MPA seat.

Full Candidate List from PK-76 Peshawar Election 2018

Candidate Name Party Symbol
Asif Iqbal Independent Knife
Asif Jan Independent Ice Cream
Asif Khan PTI Bat
Arshad Khan APML Eagle
Amjid Ali QWP Chiragh
Aurengzeb Khan Independent Wrist Watch
Bahr Ullah S/O Sheikh Abdullah MMA Book
Bah Rullah S/O Zaheer Ullah Independent Suitcase
Hayat Ullah Khan PJD Gavel
Zia Ullah Afridi PPP Arrow
Alamzeb Independent Pick Up
Ali Muhammad TJP Laptop
Fida Muhammad Independent Pencil
Gul Muhammad Independent Apple
Muhammad Zakir Shah Independent Jeep
Muhammad Nadeem PML-N Tiger
Hidayat Ullah Khan ANP Lantern

PK-76 Peshawar Full Candidate List

Election 2018General Election of Pakistan 2018 complete detail full and final candidate list of constituency PK-76 Peshawar. Name of all party wise and independent candidate name from PK 76 Peshawar. is largest election website about General Elections of Pakistan . Which provide all information regarding all general and by-election of Pakistan from 1970 to 2018.

KPK Assembly Election 2018 Result


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