NA-222 Tharparkar Candidate List Election 2018

Election 2018 All Candidate Names NA 222 Tharparkar

Complete list of MNA seat candidates from NA-222 Tharparkar in general election 2018 of Pakistan. Pakistan general election 2018 will held on July 25, 2018. The names of all contestant candidate of National Assembly seat N.A 222 Tharparkar in general election 2018. Name of PPP ticket holder is , Name of GDA ticket holder is , Name of TLP ticket holder is , Name of AAT ticket holder is , Name of independents candidates are Arbab Ameer Amanullah , Arbab Anwar Jabbar , Arbab Togachi Fawad Razzaq , Arbab Zaka Ullah , Arbab Ghulam Raheem , Arbab Lutfullah , Tulchi Bai , Abdul Ghani , Kanwar Kumar , Gian Chand , Muhammad Ramzan , Muhammad Moin , Mahesh Kumar Malani and Hemoon. Name of all candidates who submitted nomination paper for M.N.A seat from NA-222 District Tharparkar in General election 2018. Complete final list of all candidates from NA222 Tharparkar for MNA seat.

Full Candidate List from N.A-222 Tharparkar Election 2018

Candidate Name Party Symbols
Arbab Ameer Amanullah Independent Medal
Arbab Anwar Jabbar Independent Knife
Arbab Togachi Fawad Razzaq


Arbab Zaka Ullah GDA Star
Arbab Ghulam Raheem Independent Magnifying Glass
Arbab Lutfullah Independent Computer
Tulchi Bai Independent Hammer
Abdul Ghani AAT Chair
Kanwar Kumar Independent Jeep
Gian Chand Independent Sun Flower
Muhammad Ramzan TLP Crane
Muhammad Moin Independent Pencil
Mahesh Kumar Malani PPP Arrow
Hemoon Independent Gun

NA-222 Tharparkar Full Candidate List

Election 2018General Election of Pakistan 2018 complete detail full and final candidate list of constituency NA-222 Tharparkar. Name of all party wise and independent candidate name from NA 222 Tharparkar. is largest election website about General Elections of Pakistan . Which provide all information regarding all general and by-election of Pakistan from 1970 to 2018.


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