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NA-147 Okara V  Detail Election Result 2008

Detail and complete election result of NA-147 Okara V with votes detail of General Election 2008. provide the information about Names of all candidates , their party affiliation and their votes in general election 2008 of Pakistan .Khurram Jahangir Wattoo   was elected MNA from N.A-147  Okara V in the general election 2008.


Complete Result of NA-147 Okara

Candidate Name Party Votes

Khurram Jahangir Wattoo



 Muhammad Zafar Yasin Wattoo   Independent   15965
 Jahangir Ahmad Mahar   Independent   150
 Sardar Khyzar Hayat Khan Ladhuka   Independent   137
 Mirza Ali Raza   Independent   105
 Masroor Ahmad Wattoo   Independent   103
 Syed Raza Ali Gillani   Independent   71
 Ahmed Shujjah Wattoo   Independent   59
 Ch. Iftikhar Hussain Chachar   Independent   51
 Muhammad Naseem Ahmad Khan Wattoo   Independent   34
 Syed Afzaal Ali Shah Gillani   Independent   31
 Muhammad Umar Hayat Wattoo   Independent   23
 Mozzam Jahan Zaib Wattoo   Independent   19
 Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Gillani   Independent   18