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NA-128 Lahore XI  Detail Election Result 2008

Detail and complete election result of NA-128 Lahore XI with votes detail of General Election 2008. provide the information about Names of all candidates , their party affiliation and their votes in general election 2008 of Pakistan .Malik Muhammad Afzal Khokhar was elected MNA from N.A-128 Lahore XI in the general election 2008.


Complete Result of NA-128 Lahore

Candidate Name Party Votes

Malik Muhammad Afzal Khokhar



 Malik Karamat Ali Khokhar   PPP   37608
 Sardar Aqil Omer   PML   18252
 Babar Iqbal Bhatti   Independent   353
 Malik Zaheer Abbas   Independent   257
 Malik Ifan Shafi Khokhar   Independent   232
 Malik Muhammad Azhar Khurshed   Independent   148
 Nazir Malik   Independent   40