Candidate Result NWFP Assembly MPA Election 1985

Election 1985 Full Result M.P.A Seats KPK

Detail and complete result information about full candidates in general election 1985 of Pakistan from all cities & districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa NWFP. Pakistan provincial assembly election 1985 was held on March 3 , 1985. Detail Result of election and party position in NWFP Assembly. MPA seats of NWFP full result with vote details. It was a not party election. The name of final confirmed result list of candidate from all Districts of NWFP MPA seats. Detail Result of all Constituencies of KPK provincial assembly of election 1985 . Consolidated result of all Provincial assembly constituencies of NWFP. We provide detail result of Constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly with detail result. Click on Constituency number to see the complete election result with votes detail of all candidates

NWFP Assembly Election 1985 Result

PF-1 Peshawar

PF-2 Peshawar

PF-3 Peshawar

PF-4 Peshawar

PF-5 Peshawar

PF-6 Peshawar

PF-7 Peshawar

PF-8 Peshawar

PF-9 Peshawar

PF-10 Peshawar

PF-11 Peshawar

PF-12 Peshawar

PF-13 Peshawar

PF-14 Peshawar

PF-15 Peshawar

PF-16 Peshawar

PF-17 Mardan

PF-18 Mardan

PF-19 Mardan

PF-20 Mardan

PF-21 Mardan

PF-22 Mardan

PF-23 Mardan

PF-24 Mardan

PF-25 Mardan

PF-26 Mardan

PF-27 Kohat

PF-28 Kohat

PF-29 Kohat

PF-30 Kohat

PF-31 Kohat

PF-32 Karak

PF-33 Karak

PF-34 Abbottabad

PF-35 Abbottabad

PF-36 Abbottabad

PF-37 Abbottabad

PF-38 Abbottabad

PF-39 Abbottabad

PF-40 Abbottabad

PF-41 Abbottabad

PF-42 Abbottabad

PF-43 Mansehra

PF-44 Mansehra

PF-45 Mansehra

PF-46 Mansehra

PF-47 Mansehra

PF-48 Mansehra

PF-49 Mansehra

PF-50 Mansehra

PF-51 Mansehra

PF-52 Kohistan

PF-53 Kohistan

PF-54 Dera Ismail Khan

PF-55 Dera Ismail Khan

PF-56 Dera Ismail Khan

PF-57 Dera Ismail Khan

PF-58 Dera Ismail Khan

PF-59 Bannu

PF-60 Bannu

PF-61 Bannu

PF-62 Bannu

PF-63 Bannu

PF-64 Swat

PF-65 Swat

PF-66 Swat

PF-67 Swat

PF-68 Swat

PF-69 Swat

PF-70 Swat

PF-71 Swat

PF-72 Dir

PF-73 Dir

PF-74 Dir

PF-75 Dir

PF-76 Dir

PF-77 Chitral

PF-78 Chitral

PF-79 Malakand

PF-80 Malakand

Election 1985 Result Details of KPK Assembly Seat

Election 1985General Election of Pakistan 1985 full & complete detail result with votes . Complete full detail love updated general election 1985 N.W.F.P province from P.F 1 to P.K 80. North West Frontier Province NWFP is old name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK . Name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly was NWFP assembly until election 2008. is largest election website about Pakistan General Election 1985. Which provide all information complete full & final result of Pakistan elections from 1970 to 2018.


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